We represent artists, speakers, and podcasters. 

But it doesn't stop there.

We want to grow your business.

When you put our direct response marketing team to work you get copywriting and campaign strategies that speak directly to your listeners...and every dollar invested is measured for success.

Need help finding and connecting with new fans? 

Do you want to engage your audience and create irresistible offers for your tours, CD launch, exclusive merchandise, or VIP experience? 

We've married 30 years of working with artists, speakers, and podcasters with the live experience and direct response marketing to give you focused and measurable ways to nurture your audience using the latest marketing tools...Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, Yahoo, and major ad networks. 

When you use our 360 degree event production service you're covered on everything you need to present unforgettable conferences, seminars, concerts, and corporate retreats.  


Direct Response Marketing Campaigns

You need fans to engage with your new album, tour, fan club, or exclusive VIP experience.

Our team of digital marketing experts have a combined 30 years of experience building multi-million dollar direct response marketing campaigns on the Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords  platforms. 

Our strategies acquire new listeners, build your fan email list, and create irresistible offers to engage your audience.

We test and measure ROI constantly to make sure you build a lifetime relationship with your fans and brand.


Artist, Speaker, & Podcaster Booking

We represent artists, speakers, and podcasters who embody the essence of creativity, storytelling, peak performance, and a positive message.

We are optimists and work with talented creators who bring a unique perspective, energy, and edge to the world on the music stage, in conference keynotes, corporate retreats, or in the podcast studio.

Beyond the creators we work with exclusively, our deep relationships in the music, speaking, live production, publishing, and broadcast space gives us the opportunity to introduce you to influencers that define and bring attention to your brand. 


360 Degree Event Planning & Production

A 360 degree event production creates unforgettable experiences at every scale. From multi-day conferences at top properties in Vegas with 50 speakers and thousands of guests...to small corporate retreats in exclusive exotic locations, we have you covered. 

You can count on us to generate customized event ideas with creative intention. We deliver unique venue selections, top talent booking, direct response event marketing campaigns, program creation, innovative exhibit space design, guest relations, and full show production. From conception to cleaning up the stage, we'll be there.